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Accomplished tech journalist and B2B copywriter specalized in IT, telecoms, cleantech and the disruptive technologies shaping tomorrow's world.

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Robots in the cloud article

The robots that keep their brains in the web

Robots have many useful attributes but intelligence is not yet one of them. The emerging discipline of cloud robotics aims to enable robots to get their smarts from the internet.

Easy article

Cognitive Computing case study

Staples was looing for an intelligent, voice-driven interface that can reorder office supplies with minimum human interaction. Cognitive computing was the obvious choice.

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The Financial Times

Cloud goes business class -

Dropbox has teamed up with Microsoft in the latest move by cloud sharing services to expand beyond the cut-throat consumer market and boost their appeal to business users.

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The Financial Times

Is it ‘game over’ for texting? - Financial Times

The traditional text message would seem to be in terminal decline. However, while people are texting less, business use of SMS is growing as more companies realise texts offer a good way to interact with customers.

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The Wall Street Journal

Your Wall Has Ears

Industrial espionage has gone digital and found a powerful ally in social networks. The gadgets and gizmos of the spy movies have not gone away. But today’s corporate spies are more likely to trawl through Facebook pages ...

China map article
The Wall Street Journal

Countering the Counterfeiters

Businesses that want to build a franchise in China need to be aware that alongside the seemingly endless opportunity lie the risks of counterfeiting and intellectual property theft. But there are ways to mitigate this threat...

Eiu article
The Economist Intelligence Unit for EMC

Competing on Strengths

European suppliers of IT can take heart: despite a modest growth in spending, their customers are loyal and believe that local suppliers retain a competitive edge in key
areas of performance...

Atsign article
The Financial Times

The trouble with office email

In an unprecedented move to reduce information overload, Atos Origin, European IT services company, plans to ban employees from using...

Open uri20131107 7194 o7jcg1 article

CSP: Targeting Grid-Parity in Spain

A generous tariff regime as well as high insolation has driven spectacular growth in concentrated solar power (CSP) deployments in southern Spain. The challenge is now to drive down costs through economies of scale and new technologies ...

Open uri20131106 21066 1l2xtg1 article
The Wall Street Journal

Investing with heart and head

Like motherhood and apple pie, socially responsible investment warms most people’s hearts. But during a two-year cycle trip across Africa, Swiss investment banker Klaus Tischhauser realized the SRI industry was failing in a key challenge—fighting poverty. ..

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The Wall Street Journal

Meet George Jetson, M.D.

Today’s health-care industry is making increasing use of Web-based virtual agents and avatars, or computerized assistants, not only to perform clerical duties but also to dispense medical information...

Greenfunds2.11.10 page1 image2 article
The Times

Big-money Funds Go Green

Renewable energy is entering the
money mainstream as institutional investors are increasingly attracted to low-carbon profits, Geoff Nairn reports

Vcwsj article

The angels’ share

Tech is back and riding a new wave of popularity with European investors. It was the most overweighted sector among Eurozone fund managers in March according to a BofA Merrill Lynch survey...

Stringio article
The Financial Times

The latest tech news for companies -

Capgemini taps Attensity for monitoring service Capgemini has hitched its wagon to the social media boom. The IT consulting firm...

Thetimes article

Foiling the fraudsters

Tight profit margins have focused fresh efforts on cutting costly fraud,. Prevention is better than cure and that is certainly the case with fraud, which costs the UK an estimated £85 billion a year.